Saito "Isaac Flix" takes his whole life related to nature and climbing.

Born in 1982 in Barcelona. From father and mother climbers, he received a different kind of education.

Many years in this magical world, they have taken to him to cross infinite of places by the 5 continents. Enjoying lots of rocks and different climbing styles.

Montserrat, his favorite place, has been the most shapes and textures have taught him, and in this place has managed to feel the essence of this way of life that is climbing.

In love with the mountains and the forms, in 2009 he began his first works in the design of climbing holds, it was then when he realized that he could transmit those experiences that had received his hands.

"The work has been long, but we have enjoyed the road very much, and today, here we are, with the illusion of designing and offering all our followers and clients the best of us."

"Many thanks to family and friends for your help."