Saito Climbing Holds” is a Company specialised in the design and production of climbing holds.

With the Nature as inspiration and the experience collected in all 5 continents, we created Saito Climbing Holds.

A brand for the most exigent climbers who look for in their climbing holds this mixture of art and ergonomics with the maximum quality.

Design, creativity and innovation are the words chosen to defining us, that’s why we put all our efforts on this, to be a referent brand in the international environment.

More than 10 years experiencied and we get our holds in all over the world ratify our company.

With our brand, we want to offer something different. That’s why we work for being day a day a more ethical and sustainable company.

Although we have a lot of projects and ideas we want to keep developing, we acquire the compromise of the follow ethical topics:

  • Our mix of resins and natural additives give a minimum result in all our climbing holds of 70% Natural Resources.
  • High reduction of CO2 emissions approximately 24Kg / CO2 per Kg.
  • The resins used for the production of climbing holds are EPD certified for their high content of plant carbon.
  • We work with “Banca Ética” (Triodos Bank) and we donate our taxes to social actions and sustainability projects.
  • Our power supplies come from renewable energy (
  • We are committed to donate 5% of our sales to social projects and agencies.
  • Our production is carried out generating less than 1% of waste.
  • We collaborate with plastic recycling companies to mitigate the damage that some of the products we use can do.
  • All our deliveries are done by eco-packing or recycled products.


For a better World!